Impressum (Legal notice)

Information according to the article 5 of TMG (law on mass media and television)

Municipal government of Meinhard

Gemeindeverwaltung Meinhard
Sandstraße 15
37276 Meinhard-Grebendorf
Schloss Hotel Wolfsbrunnen
Klochkova GbR , Am Berg 1, 37276 Meinhard

Represented by:
Gerold Schwarz General Manager

Phone: +49 5651 335 79 0
Fax: +49 5651 335 79 12

Taxpayer identification number according to German turnover tax law:
DE 272381338

Responsible for the content according to the article 55 of TMG:
Gerold Schwarz, Am Berg 1, 37276 Meinhard / Schwebda

Liability for content (maintenance)
The content of our site is composed with great accuracy. Never the less, we don`t take any responsibility for adequacy, completeness and actuality of information. According to the p.7 of TMG (law on mass media and television) as a publisher we bear responsibility for content control as set forth by general legislation. According to the articles 8 to 10 as a publisher we are not obliged to respond for control on distributed or stored foreign information and search into the cause of circumstances that led to the illegal activities. Obligations for elimination or prohibition of information usage as set forth by general legislation remain in full forth. Thereto related financial liability arises directly at the moment the fact of law violation is established.  Should any law violation be detected the illegal information is to be immediately deleted.

Liability for links
Our web site contains hyperlinks on foreigner web sites, for whose content we don`t bear any responsibility. For the content of those web sites providers or site creators concerned are responsible. At the time of linking there wasn`t any illegal information detected. Permanent monitoring of the linked sites content seems inadvisable without particular grounds for accusation. Should any breaches be detected those sites are to be deleted.

Law of copyright
Texts and other data presented by the provider on site are subject to and governed by the law of copyright. Addition, editing, distribution and any other kind of usage contrary to the copyright law requires permission letter from an author, in other words from site provider. Data downloading and copying is permitted only for private, noncommercial purposes.  Whereas the content of this site is composed not by its owner the authors rights of third parties should be taken into account. In this case third parties involved in the creation of web site will be as such defined. Nevertheless in case the breach of copyright is noticed, you are kindly required to inform us. Should any law violation be detected the illegal information is to be immediately deleted.

Data security
Access to our site is normally possible without providing us with any personal information. Personal data can be required only on a voluntary basis. This information can not be disclosed to third parties without your personal permission.
We warn you from loading our personal data in Internet since there can be flaws in the security system. Total security of information from stranger person access seems to be unachievable.
Usage of a data provided within the limits of German law on mass media and television on obligatory disclosure of information about the publisher with intention of broadcasting through stranger person advertisement messages and informational materials is prohibited without express consent of the owner.
Site owner is to take measures of legal regulation in case of unauthorized mass distribution (for example, through the use of spam-e-mails) of advertising information.

Should the content of this web-site or some parts of it infringe on the rights of third parties or in different way cause problems in the field of unfair business practices you are kindly requested to give us reasonable notice without a claim for compensation referring to p. 8 of unfair competition act. Recovery of penalty is impossible without reasonable notice. Causing pretensions information and parts of content will be deleted in appropriate time and replaced with competent ones. Involvement of a legal assistance to the recovery of penalty delivers against real or supposed goals of party to be charged and thus becomes departure from section 12 p. 15 of unfair competition act in force of pursuing irrelevant aim as a governing motive for initiation of a case. Therefore a misdemeanor against the legislation on damage to insured property is committed.