Company celebrations

In case there are many reasons for celebration corporative feast displays special demands for its organization and placement.

Accommodation of invited firm clients as guests ought to be well prepared.  There ought to be a sufficient number of opportunities for presentation of your company selected in accordance with season and weather. Parking places are essential, as well as diverse food menu. When hosting an international company experienced multilingual staff is a must have.

Hotel «Castle Wolfsbrunnen» is able to bring into life all the needed conditions for a perfect presentation of your firm and beautiful scenery in addition.

Using our former experience we`ll organize your feast according to your demands.

Due to the attentive approach to the selection of our partners for large-scale projects we are able to provide you with a professional, competent and quality work based on experienced, trust-based collaboration.

Regardless of how great is your feast we are the right partner when it goes about company celebration.

We would be happy to give you a personal consultation session to create an offer tailored to your needs.

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