Very long time ago….

From the time immemorial the land was called Wulfenborn( born by wolfs) . At that dark time wolfs used to come and drink water from spring.
The forests were wild and dangerous, so peasants, who were living in the forest, have settled an agreement with wolfs about a mutual protection.
At daytime peasants used to bring their cattle to watering place without any fear of being attacked. Wolfs kept other predators that weren`t acknowledged about the agreement away from spring. At nighttime wolfs drank water safely. Peasants didn’t   hunt them.  But one night a young dare-devil of good stock went to a hunt and murdered an old wolf that just has settled itself at the bank of a spring to drink water. With a loud howling all wolfs immediately abandoned the region as they lost their leader.  After the break of confidence they never returned.

So the old wolf has lost his soul at wolfs spring. To remember it and as a warning stones were heaped and crowned with a bronze wolf`s head at that place, where Schloss Wolfsbrunnen is situated today.

At some moon nights you can still hear the howling of old wolf…

From 1904 to1906
Castle was built by industrialist Heschel as a marriage gift for his daughter, who was getting married to Baron von Keudell.

Castle passed into the ownership of Luise and Alexander von Keudell.

Alexander von Keudell died. His widow continued to decorate and render habitable parts of the castle by her own.

Castle was used by German Wehrmacht as a hospital.

Orphanage for jewish children, which lost their.

Luise von Keudell died.

Holiday home for student miners from Ruhr (industrial county of Germany)

With the aid of evangelic church the castle was furnished anew and stood unoccupied.

Bundesgrenzschutz (federal police organization in Western Germany after World War II) rented the castle and renovated it partly.

The castle was rented by company Preussag AG (TUI nowadays)

The Hamburger Company Soblick bought out the castle. The plan to rebuild the castle into a hotel was not accomplished. The only thing That Changed what the North Wing Which has been reorganized to several flats for rent.

After a general reconstruction Schloss Wolfsbrunnen was occupied by Poonajunger and was called «Rajneesh Town».

Since 1988
After a secondary reconstruction castle is used as a hotel.

Closure of a hotel.

Change of ownership and a project of general recovery as a Boutique Hotel.

June 2009 till April 2011
Beginning of general renovation of the castle. Establishment of a new roof construction and roofing. Restoration of the total façade and complete outdoor terraces.

From Mai 2011
Beginning of the interior renovation of the castle. Restoring of the restaurant and Banquet Facilities at the ground floor. Reconstruction of the first guest rooms on the 1st floor.

From September 2011
Opening of the first renovated sections and receiving the first hotel guests. Further renovation work in the room area of the side wing.

From January 2012
Dismantling of old rooms and conference rooms in the basement. Preparation of a new castle hall for 120 guests, a bar and the outside terrace.

February 2013
Repair of the heating installation. Installation of a water softening and pressure boosting system. Dismantling of the old spa with swimming pool.

January 2014
Opening of the fitness spa and beauty Medical Center. Further renovation work inside the bathrooms. Repair of parkland for beginning of spring planned.

Mai 2014
Refurbishment and installation of new hotel kitchen. Enlargement of the cooling cells and construction of the new beverage storage.

June 2014
The beginning of the restoration from the outside facilities and paving works around the castle. Preparation of green spaces. Installation of new toilets for outdoor Park Events.

January 2015
Restoration of the entire waiter service area of the restaurant.

April 2015
Restoration of the outdoor pavilion in the park. Demolition of the entrance portal to the castle, which was is risk of collapse.

September 2015
The beginning of the restoration of the castle basement and rebuilding it to a wine lounge. Further renovation work inside the castle. Planned repair of the entrance portal to the castle for beginning spring.

January 2016
We rehabilitate further.